Anthony Mondello, AVP of Sales at Envisant

Perfect payment partner

Envisant stands out for credit unions.

June 10, 2024

Credit unions of all sizes need reliable partners to navigate the ever-evolving world of payments. Recognized for excellence in the credit union service organization (CUSO) space, Envisant empowers credit unions through innovative payment solutions, partnerships that deliver cutting-edge fintech solutions, and giving back to the credit union industry.

What exactly makes Envisant such a valuable partner, particularly for credit unions seeking a strong foothold in payments? Here's a breakdown of the key benefits Envisant offers to both large and small institutions:

A trusted ally

Established in 1969, Envisant boasts a long history as a subsidiary of the Illinois Credit Union League. This deep-rooted connection to the credit union industry translates into a genuine understanding of the unique challenges and goals credit unions face. Envisant prioritizes member value and financial inclusion, aligning perfectly with the credit union philosophy.

A suite of solutions for all sizes

Large credit unions often require comprehensive payment solutions encompassing credit and debit card programs, ATM services, and robust fraud protection. Envisant caters to these needs with a full suite of services, ensuring their larger partners can stay competitive and offer members a seamless banking experience.

For smaller credit unions, navigating the complexities of the payments landscape can be daunting. Envisant bridges this gap by handling the back-office burdens and providing a well-trained customer service team to provide support. This allows smaller institutions to access essential services like prepaid debit cards or targeted marketing programs without the burden of managing them in-house.

Innovation at the forefront

Envisant fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation. This translates into strong partnerships with industry-leading vendor solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of credit unions and their members. For example, Envisant invested in and partners closely with Pure IT, providing access to modern, cloud-based technology for credit unions; and Aviary AI, the financial industry’s first outbound artificial intelligence sales team.

By partnering with Envisant, credit unions gain access to cutting-edge solutions without having to invest heavily in research and development themselves. This allows them to stay ahead of the curve and offer members the latest in payment technology.

Cost-effectiveness and increased revenue

Envisant's CUSO structure allows credit unions to benefit from economies of scale. By partnering with Envisant, credit unions gain access to the buying power and resources of a larger organization, potentially reducing operational costs associated with managing their own payment programs.

Furthermore, Envisant offers expertise in portfolio development consulting and agent credit card programs. These services can help credit unions generate new revenue streams and expand their member offerings. Click here to read how we helped North Star Credit Union increase total credit card revenue by more than 25%.

Focus on member value

Envisant recognizes that the true heart of the credit union industry lies in member satisfaction. Their services are designed to empower credit unions to offer their members competitive rates, convenient payment options, and robust security features. This, in turn, fosters stronger member relationships and loyalty for the credit union.

A partner for growth

Envisant's 2024 NACUSO CUSO of the Year award is a testament to their dedication to supporting credit unions. By offering a comprehensive suite of payment solutions, fostering innovation, and prioritizing member value, Envisant positions itself as the ideal partner for credit unions of all sizes looking to navigate the ever-changing payments landscape. Whether you're a large institution seeking a reliable and experienced partner or a smaller credit union seeking a customizable solution, Envisant offers the tools and support to help your credit union thrive.