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PODCAST: Digital-first financial health

Mobile tools allow credit unions to meet members where they are.

April 18, 2024

Credit unions have a renewed focus on fostering member’s financial health and, increasingly, those efforts are digital and mobile-first, says Nicole Harper, director of corporate strategy at Jack Henry.

In this episode of the podcast, sponsored by Jack Henry, Harper examines credit unions’ role in fostering financial health, financial wellness trends, available mobile-first resources, challenges to promoting financial wellness, success stories, and more.

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In this episode

1:18: Meet Nicole

2:18: Credit unions’ role in fostering financial health

3:25: Financial health trends

5:40: Mobile-first resources

7:59: Prioritize financial inclusion

10:00: How credit unions can help members improve their credit scores

11:08: Industry collaboration

12:39: Challenges to promoting financial wellness

16:21: Success stories

18:48: Final thoughts